Lollipop lady visit

Today we had a visit from Mandy the Lollipop lady, she came to Pre-school to talk to us about her job and how she helps people to cross the road safely. She showed us her special florescent coat she has to wear and her giant lollipop stick. Some of the children, staff and parents tried on the lollipop ladies coat and help her lollipop stick. Before we headed down to the road Mandy spoke to us all about how we should cross the road safely; we should stop on the pavement, look and listen for any traffic and only cross the road when its safe too. We then all walked down to the crossing and Mandy helped us to cross the road safely. Before Mandy left she gave everyone some stickers and colouring sheets to help us all remember the road safety code. The children have made Mandy the lollipop lady a lovely present to say thank you for coming and the children all then made their very own lollipop person to take home.