• Learning through play

    Play is one of the main ways in which children learn. It helps build self worth by providing a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves. Because it’s fun, children are often very absorbed in what they are doing. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate.

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  • Roots to grow
    Wings to fly

    It’s during your child's early years that his or her roots grow deep & strong absorbing all the values & essence of life to later brave life’s stormy paths. In the process of growing up, your child, properly guided & motivated, will take on wings to fly and soar to the sky!

  • Early Years Foundation Stage

    We set out a flexible plan each term which covers a variety of themes. Our curriculum is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and seven core areas of learning which is taught through games and play.

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Children are able to explore and play with a wide variety of materials with plenty of opportunity to share their ideas and feelings through art, music, role-play and dance.


From messy play to dressing up and playing outside building dens, free play is strongly encouraged to assist the development of their imagination, social and motor skills and self expression.


In accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage, fun and interesting activities are organised around core themes which help children to learn and explore the world around them.