We offer a large variety of structured and unstructured activities; from storytime, messy play, dressing up, arts and crafts to outside play and building dens. We also receive visits from live animals, musicians, firemen and entertainers. 

Children are free to explore and take part in any game or activity they choose. The toys, activities and opportunities we provide, help each child to develop the social, emotional, academic, physical, creative and communication skills they will need later in life. Best of all, your child will be so busy playing, they won’t realise they’re learning.

Your child will go from success to success as they grow in confidence and stature. It is our goal to give your child the best possible start as they begin their first steps towards independence.

“Play engages children’s bodies, minds and emotions, building up knowledge, skills attitudes that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. In their play, children take control of their own learning by making choices,… asking questions and practicing their skills. They interact with others, learn how to manage their feelings and become confident about themselves and their abilities.”  DCFS 2009